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The price depends on the costume’s size,

decoration and extra client’s requirements.

Please contact us to inquire about prices, to order the costume(s) and/or to discuss details.

The sample shown has over 8000 Swarovski Crystals

and the following sizes:

  • Chest – 85cm (33.5″)
  • Waist – 65cm (25.5″)
  • Sleeves – 62cm (24.5″)
  • Torso – 145-150cm (57-59″)
  • Biceps – 28.5cm (11″)
  • Wrist – 14.5-15cm (6″)
  • Hips – 89 cm (35″)

Product Description

This Leotard has been initially designed for an RG National Team member.

Used for dynamic Ribbon routine accompanied by a Techno Tango but would fit any Slam-bang performance.

The hallmark of this leotard is the red-and-black ornament on the yellow pants.

Additional Information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions30 x 30 x 10 cm


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