The "RG Designs by Olga" Store is arranged in Four Categories:

  1. Exclusive Design
    All the leotards in this category are originally designed by Olga.
    A concept of each costume including patterns, palette and composition, is created in
    view of routine music and apparatus, as well as performer's build, age and personality.
  2. Elite Leotards
    These costumes are made based on customers' ideas, requirements and wishes.
    Some of the costumes are approximate replicates of those designed by other artists.
  3. Moderate Cost Leotards
    If you are looking for lower-budget products - you might find them in this category
  4. Pre-owned Leotards
    These costumes are available for re-sale. Normally they are not intended for alterations or modifications .
    We guarantee they are all in a good condition.