How to place an order

  1. Email your request with the description of the leotard:
    • desired design ideas (optional)
    • samples (if applicable)
    • desired fabric colors
    • decoration details
    • measurements
    • rank of the competition – would be an asset
    • music style and apparatus for the routine the costume will be made for – would be an asset
    • special requirements, if applicable
  1. We will reply with sketches and price(s).
    More details can be discussed by phone, email or Skype.
  1. When you are ready to place an order – please fill out the Order Form and the Measure Chart.
    Then make a payment with the PayPal
  1. Please allow at least 15 days for the costume to be sewed and decorated. Leotards with complex design and decoration might take longer however wouldn’t take more than 30 days during the hot season.
  1. Once your leotard is ready – we will contact you for shipping information (name, address and shipping method)
  1. The leotard will be then shipped out within 3 business days.